With the Confidence to win it!


The mushroom (my road bike for Triathlons) got a bubble bath today complete with dish washing soap, a garden hose and paper towels (beware bike chains will eat them!).  My previous ride left the mushroom with a nice coating of mud, so it was good to see some blue sparkle again.  I was admiring how much the mushroom has evolved this season with the addition of ergonomic handle bars that actually fit the width of my shoulders – goodbye shoulder pain! a chain guard – farewell nightmare of a frequently dropped chain! clipless pedals – see ya skin on elbows! and blinky light bling to keep us visible for miles.  Of course, I always have a list of things I want to change.  Right now it’s the seat, but that will have to wait because I am exactly one week out from my final Triathlon race for the season on Sunday, September 29th.

I am in 4th place right now for my age group in the 2013 TrySports Triathlon Series.  I checked the standings a few days ago and expected to be middle of the pack like I was last year, so I was really surprised.  So much so that my dear husband asked whether I thought the standings made sense.  I don’t know exactly why I am in 4th place, but I do know that an algorithm is entered into the computer and it spits out points.  Somehow a lot of points got spit out for me.  I will call them dedication points.  I am hoping to move up to 3rd place after my race and qualify for year end awards.  I will race my little heart out!

It’s been a season filled with first time accomplishments – group road cycling, open water 1 mile swims complete with Islands (really who swims past a freaking Island?!?), a fashionable wetsuit with yellow duck feet, and an Oly distance (1 mile open water swim, 26 mile bike, 10k run) in the mountains of NC!  Despite all of that, the ginormous ‘C’ word eludes me this season.  I am obviously not one who is afraid of taking risks, so why am I missing Confidence?  I would like to blame the mushroom for not being fancy enough, or that I don’t own the fastest shoes or maybe it’s my lack of exposure to racing; however, none of these are what’s holding me back.  I am holding my very own self back.  For me, it’s not about standing on the podium (although that would be nice because I have an ongoing bet with my husband that involves a Tri bike), it is about racing with the Confidence to win it!  Not losing my focus, chatting to other competitors or slowing down during a race.  Having the Confidence that I have trained hard and have earned the right to race with these other seasoned athletes.  Pushing to my limits rather than settling for what’s comfortable.

So, I bought this shirt.

And I am hoping to replace it after my race.


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