The 12 Days of Random Acts of Kindness


Wow y’all!  Instant cold this year!  I almost forgot that my freshly clipped horse needs a few days to mentally prepare herself for these plummeting temperatures and blustery gusts of wind.  I shall remind her that the big Elf is watching closely for well behaved mares and that the really fun and much loved cookie dispensing ball she got for good behavior could suddenly disappear.  I put a couple of cookies in the ball this morning.  I didn’t have very many left in the bag.  She pushed it around… (long pause)… stares down at it…(another long pause)…snorts and then proceeds to roll it out of her stall and between my feet.  Needs more cookies.  All kidding aside she was being a very good girl until I had the bright idea to remove her from the security of a toasty warm barn this morning.  I had thoughts of a festive walk accompanied with a frozen grass & leaf snack.  As we side stepped through the small opening of the big barn doors and wrapped our bodies around the building we were immediately greeted with a head on smack by the wind.  Hello flying horse reindeer at the end of my rope!  A few bites of grass and leaves accompanied with some more dramatic airs above ground attempts lands us both back inside the barn adding another blanket layer.  Thank goodness for the ball and warm water.

I decide that maybe today is a better grocery shopping day than riding day.



My favorite artwork sculpture is named Jack.  Jack lives at our local grocery store on a small plot of lush mulch.   Today he is wearing adornments.

I am fortunate to have an extraordinary life.  Rich with friendship, family, adventure and tradition.  The more I give back to life the richer it becomes.  I find myself completely caught off guard and amazed when goodness returns in the most unexpected ways.  Enter Random Act of Kindness Friday.  Acts of kindness can happen any day of the week; however, I chose a specific day to challenge myself and make a moment of time better for someone else.  It’s really that simple.  I miss some Fridays and it doesn’t always happen on a Friday, but that’s okay because it doesn’t have to be so structured.

Hubby and I received an overwhelming wonderful beautiful gift from our friends a few years ago.  The gift or gifts represented ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ song.  We opened a gift each day for twelve days.  The gifts were great, but it was the amount of thought and care that really meant the world to us.  So wouldn’t it be awesome to share that gift this year, add a twist to Random Act of Kindness Friday and turn it into The 12 Days of Random Acts of Kindness?   Use creativity instead of cash?  I am coming up with a list of possible items, but sometimes goodness just happens.  It can just happen.

Please comment and let me know your thoughts.  Any ideas you would like to share?


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