Tack Trunk Tuesday


Welcome to Tack Trunk Tuesday!  I don’t own a fancy wooden custom tack trunk with my name embossed on the front, but I am always intrigued by what other people chose to store in them; therefore, I present to you…drumroll, please…my very own virtual tack trunk.  Once or twice a month on Tuesday I’ll add an item to my virtual tack trunk that I think is very cool and worth sharing.  I tend to blend my sports, so it won’t always be horse-related as the title might imply.  If you have a favorite item you think I should know about, please comment.  I’d love to hear from you!

Is the hustle and bustle already getting to you?  It gets to me too.  I’ve decided this year to not get stressed during the holiday season.  I was reminded the other day that it is in fact a choice.  One of the ways I’ve taught myself to avoid stress is by doing something fun and out of the ordinary with friends.  It’s about making memories regardless of how imperfect.  Growing up in the land of ice and snow, I’ve learned to appreciate outdoor ice skating parties which are really an opportunity to show off your warmest most stylish toque (translation knit hat or toboggan).

As I recommend to my friends who grew up in the land of sun and swimming pools, your ice skating kit must also include flexible padded pants and waterproof insulated gloves.  Scarves are risky.  While we are on the topic, some advice for the moms out there, don’t be tempted to dress your child up like a pink elephant.  It has lasting impact.  I added that because mom is reading this entry.  Hi mom!

Outdoor ice skating parties are so inclusive.  You can rent skates that already have lots of scuff/paint marks, there is loud nondescript rock music playing, heavily watered down outrageously hot chocolate in flimsy foam cups (those waterproof insulated gloves are not actually used for ice skating) and comedy hour for those who don’t skate.  For anyone willing to try, but has not yet mastered the art of upright on ice skates, bring/borrow a child and help them navigate the rink while pushing the skating ‘shopping cart’ aid.  You may unexpectedly pick up a few new friends along the way.  If you want to look super cool, wear a professional hockey team jersey.  Afterwards eat a hearty dinner at a local restaurant while sitting or sometimes standing.  I recommend chicken and waffles.  Together.  The perfect balance of protein and carbohydrates or rather carbohydrates and protein.

I promise you this is the ultimate ‘I am not getting stressed this year’ package all bundled up.


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