On the First Day of Random Acts of Kindness


There is a wonderful charity organization in my community called TABLE http://www.tablenc.org/.  TABLE is committed to feeding local elementary school children who are at risk of hunger.  When a stomach is empty, it is really difficult to learn especially for children.  TABLE has 3 main programs.  I have signed up to volunteer for a program called the Weekend Meal Backpack Program which provides weekly emergency food aid (healthy non-perishables, fresh fruits & veggies).  In our community 30% of students receive subsidized ‘free’ meals from their school programs; however, these students often go hungry on weekends and other times of the year when these meals are not available to them.  I’ve committed a few hours each week to TABLE next year.  Several community members and organizations have signed up to volunteer during the holiday season which is awesome, but it is important to remember that these charities exist and need our help throughout the year.

(As a child, I always had plenty to eat, but I felt compelled to share my lunch with a few friends in my school who didn’t bring as much.  We learn compassion naturally at a very young age.)


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  1. I had the opportunity to volunteer with TABLE this year- it was a great experience! In addition to the weekend backpack program, they do ‘Snack Chef’ and go into after school programs and show kids how to prepare healthy snacks. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to see firsthand how this organization is making a difference within our community.


    • That’s super cool, Caroline! 🙂 I literally stumbled upon this charity this week and I am so grateful to them. I also love that UNC students play a huge role with childhood hunger awareness.

      Received an email back today inviting me to be on their special events planning committee.


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