On the Third Day of Random Acts of Kindness


There are some days that define going back to bed as the better option.  Today might have been one of those days.

I arrived at the gym this morning, opened my car door and planted both feet on the ground.  Except my feet didn’t plant it was more like squish.  I wiggled my toes and stepped again.  More squish.  What in the world?!?  My running shoes which are really my racing flats don’t have any squish.  I look down and immediately realize I am not wearing my running shoes.  What I have on my feet are barn boots.  Standing in the parking lot I go through my options, workout with bare feet, go home switch to running shoes and be really late for class or go home throw riding pants over my running pants and ride my horse.  I thought about going back to bed, but when life throws curve balls it is better to just play the game.

Even on the longest of days that begin with pure exhaustion there is still room for acts of kindness.  Kindness isn’t measured by size.  Today I gave warm hugs and got some back.


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