On the Fourth Day of Random Acts of Kindness


Two young girls meet and instantly become best friends.  Their houses are within walk-out-of-the-door shouting distance.  They attend kindergarten through 6th grade together.  Teachers couldn’t separate them despite their attempts.  They walk to school together while solving first world problems.  Then the unthinkable happens, one of the young girls moves away.  Far away.  It seems to a different planet altogether.  Separated the young girls grow up into teenagers and eventually meet up with each other again briefly with promises to visit more often.  Adulthood takes over and they are now countries apart living the most amazing lives.  Then one day the women are reunited via Facebook cue sharing of pictures and fond childhood memories.

December is national write a friend month.  It’s important to not let childhood memories slip away regardless of  time passed or distances that separate.  I just finished writing a special card for my friend with hopes that she receives it before Christmas.


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