On the Eighth and Ninth Day of Random Acts of Kindness


The eighth and ninth day are combined because I needed one more day to put a smile on a friend’s face.

I was reminded yesterday evening that the holidays can be a very emotional and difficult time for some.  Challenges in life don’t pause for decorations, festivities, gifts and a special date marked on the calendar.  It’s important to check in on your neighbors, your friends and your family especially those who you may not have reached out to recently.  Don’t always assume that everything is joyful and happy from the outside.  Invite them over and spend some time together.

For my friend, I am going to bake her some cookies and send an invite to come over for hot cocoa by the fire pit (when it is no longer 80 degrees outside).  A simple act of kindness to help someone find a bit of comfort this holiday season.


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