On the Tenth Day of Random Acts of Kindness


My heart is so full and I am wearing a wide brimmed permanent smile.  This experiment has been simply amazing.  It has changed me forever and more than I ever imagined it would.  I am overwhelmed by the kindness that surrounds us on a daily basis.  I’ve become more aware of its subtle presence in life.  It doesn’t take too much time to make a positive impact on someone’s life whether it’s a day, a week, a year or a lifetime.

There are just 2 Days remaining, but this experiment will continue beyond the Days.  It’s a part of me now and a part of you.

Going to bed early tonight.  I need to pull the sleigh out of the garage very early in the morning for a special delivery.  My parents are arriving here late tonight and I will be sound asleep when they do.  I made up their guest bed and wrote out a Christmas card which I placed on their pillow to let them know how happy we are to have them here.

Wishing everyone a warm, relaxing and comforting night!


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