On the Twelfth Day of Random Acts of Kindness


Apologies for the delayed post.  We had a full day enjoying our related family, adopted family and friends.

Life is awfully short when running against a clock while connected to electronic devices.  Tapering makes the days seem SO much longer.  A rare treat.  The gift I gave to my parents this year could not be found under our Christmas tree.  My husband and I gave them the gift of time.  Our family is not a Norman Rockwell picture at Christmas, but we have a few traditions that make memories count.  We started the morning with a gourmet brunch complete with happy waffles, a 12 egg over-filled omelet and BBQ’d bacon.

We ventured out from the house to our adopted family for a delicious dinner and game of scrabble.  The old fashioned game found down in the basement (pivot left) with real letter tiles and not the words with friends version on an iPad screen.  It was comedy central as we sat around the table discovering how creative we can be with words and spelling.  Many of our words were classified as Greek, French or Canadian?  Sometimes when an extra letter is added to the tail end of an existing word it becomes a real word that you might not expect or instantly recognize.  I am now officially a Pie-r.

I’ve received so many awesome messages throughout the 12 Days of Random Acts of Kindness.  Many were unexpected.  I will never forget them.  I want a life filled with kindness towards others.  It’s so easy to be kind.

“There are three ways to ultimate success:

The first way is to be KIND.

The second way is to be KIND.

The third way is to be KIND.”

Mister Rogers


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