Tack Trunk Tuesday


Welcome to Tack Trunk Tuesday!  I don’t own a fancy wooden custom tack trunk with my name embossed on the front, but I am always intrigued by what other people chose to store in them; therefore, I present to you…drumroll, please…my very own virtual tack trunk.  Once or twice a month on Tuesday I’ll add an item to my virtual tack trunk that I think is very cool and worth sharing.  I tend to blend my sports, so it won’t always be horse-related as the title might imply.  If you have a favorite item you think I should know about, please comment.  I’d love to hear from you!

Since the beginning of time I’ve queried my husband about his ever-expanding collection of bungee cords.  Some of them have been around longer than we’ve been married.  I often find them slithering beyond the confines of the garage.  They can hold up mirrors, stabilize flat screen TV’s and attach propane tanks to outdoor heaters.  They’re everywhere!

As we were strapping down our Christmas tree in the back of the truck using various sizes of bungee cords from the multiplying collection, I wondered if I should ‘borrow’ some for my own tack trunk.  What’s a few missing bungee cords?

Winter time = joys of horse blanketing.  My horse often displays the prowess of her aerobatic limbs while rolling on the ground trying to become one with the earth.  It’s fun and games until all of her legs position themselves on the same side of the elastic leg straps which are attached to most horse blankets.  I’ve tried multiple knitting-of-the straps variations and most successfully ended up giving her a wedgie.  There must be a better solution to leg straps for this horse.  Enter bungee cord.  One with plastic snaps and a clear plastic coating.  Instead of leg straps, a tail cord.  Delightful.  Cue bungee dance! (I’ll post that a bit later).

Multiple use bungee cord

Introducing the multipurpose bungee cord

It might be time for me to develop a whole new appreciation for the bungee cord and a resolution to start my own collection.

Happy New Year Everyone!  Welcome 2014!


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