My 2014 Triathlon Race Schedule

My 2014 Triathlon Race Schedule

After much thought and some trepidation (ha!), here is my (un) official triathlon race lineup for 2014.  Ah yes, I’ve left some time in transition for a few races of the non-triathlon variety – 5k/10k charity runs, a metric century (sure would be nice), and 1-2 open water nearly drowning swimming miles (around small islands, yachts, whales, you know the usual).

Mucho thanks to Mid-Carolina Multisport ( for coming up with these focus races for us this year.  Joining a local triathlon club makes everything better, seriously.  At least I’ll go down (literally) in style while my supportive race friends cheer me back up on to my feet!

June 14 – The Three Little Pigs (honestly this race name intrigues me so much that I could not pass it up!)

July 26th – Buckner Mission Man (best race EVER hands down!)

August 2nd – Lake Logan International (what am I thinking here?!? crazy, crazy, crazy and crazy)

August 10th – UNC Wellness Super Sprint (over before I can blink the chlorine saturated pool water out of my eyes!)

A bit of a lighter schedule than originally planned, but I have a few specific goals in mind and I want to be super competitive with myself this year because you know, I still have that lingering Tri bike bet to win this year.  Did you hear that hubby?  I am going to win that bike!  Yay, babe!


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