Tack Trunk Tuesday

Tack Trunk Tuesday

I am back in the swim of things!

I sure do love my new specs!

I sure do love my new specs!

I started my Triathlon Sprint/Olympic distance training plan last week. I was off to a swimmingly good start until wham, bam, pow the unexpected ice tornado of the century hits our small town overnight and suddenly we are without electricity (and upright trees with limbs!) for 2 very stressful days. Some people are still without electricity! I question how anyone exercised in the 1800’s, I am pretty sure they had absolutely zero time for such frills after hunting down their food (Bojangles) and washing their clothes by hand in (bath) tubs. Not to mention shivering through layers of blankets while they sat by their (gas) fire logs without a blower fan. I’ve seen photos of women swimming in their dresses and corsets. I wonder if corsets are similar to the constriction I feel in my wetsuit? The wetsuit is really just a modern day corset. Thought for your Tuesday.

I hit the pool yesterday and swam an easy (slow) 1400 yds.  I was testing out some new equipment for this season.  I own many pairs of swimming goggles more than my glasses and sunglasses combined. Why you ask? Because my goggle specifications for the pool are totally different than the ones I have for tackling the high maintenance of open water. If I have the wrong goggles for the occasion my swim becomes a beast.  I have 3 tints for open water depending on how brightly the sun smiles and the water color which I won’t discuss here.  Another consideration is whether or not I want to see fishy and snakes?

I recently purchased a pair of the most tranquil blue tinted swimming goggles EVER to make the water look similar to the Caribbean sea and it works!  I was relaxed and sleepy. Sleepy is good for me in open water because I have less energy to freak the freak out.  Magnificent after I figured out how to put them on properly so they would stop filling up rapidly with water.  The lettering on the straps should not read upside down no matter how right that may look.  Trust me.

And when someone in the lane beside you says ‘flip’, it’s possible they are not referring to your fancy flip turn. Just saying.


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