I am fascinated by our journeys, past, present and future.  What makes us who we are?  What can we learn by being in the presence of each other, family, friend or acquaintance?  What makes us all so very different and yet so similar?

This blog chronicles my journey in two sports, Triathlon & Dressage.  Some may say this mix is confusing, my response is simply that the recipe works.  It essentially requires three ingredients, dedication, motivation and specific goals.

The most frequently asked question I get these days, is why did you name your road bike the mushroom?  It all started when a bike mechanic asked for my bike’s name.  A name, you ask?  My bike is suppose to have a name?  Doesn’t it come with a name?  The bike mechanic looked up at me with a frown, it’s not the brand name that’s painted on the bike, it’s the name that you have chosen for it.  Of course, I’ve now had this bike for a couple of years and it has remained absolutely nameless.  I didn’t see this as a real problem; however, I am thinking it is.  Bike mechanic is still looking at me, so I throw out the first name that comes to mind.  My bike’s name is the mushroom.  There, it’s done.  I’ve named my bike.  Now here comes the real kicker, why is it called the mushroom?  The real answer to that question is I am not 100% sure.  My bike has a stem and (seat) cap which all bikes do these days, I believe.  What sets my bike apart from the competition is that it’s a bright blue and very easy to pick out in the crowd.  As I ponder the meaning of the name further, I recall my brother’s first book when he was little about a toadstool (another name for the mushroom) which read something along the lines of when I get wet I stay dry under a toad…stool, a toadstool.  Fairy tales aside, I am hopeful that the mushroom will try and protect me from the elements while on the road or during a race.  So far, so good I’d say.

The horseshoes.  I am a very proud owner of an unconventional dressage horse.  She teaches me something new every day and enriches my soul with her contagious spirit and joy for life.  An unbeatable work ethic combined with her natural athletic ability, forward energy and sassy personality help us overcome many of the challenges faced in this sport.  We are the best of friends with unwavering determination.  I am a better human because of her!

I prefer quiet contemplation and self-study by reading textbooks written by our great masters and participating in clinics over weekend competitions.  I value a correct, purposeful seat with a gradual layering of the basics over flashy gaits and a predetermined schedule.  I support my riding by participating in Triathlons to improve body awareness, core strength, flexibility, balance and overall fitness.

In the summer of 2013, I was selected by The Dressage Foundation to receive the inaugural Heldenberg Training Center Fund in Memory of E.L. Dreitzler.  My journey next year will take us to Austria, the Spanish Riding School in Vienna and the school’s new training center in Heldenberg.  I will participate in their 5-day theoretical course and thought about leasing a horse for private & group lessons.  The 5-day course will include instruction about the proper seat, correct aids, lunge work, training stages of the horse and rider, and the history of the Spanish Riding School.

Welcome to our journey!   I am so happy that you are here!

I would like to thank them for letting me prove them wrong.  I was born imperfect on the outside, but amazingly perfect inside.  I am courageous and stubborn.  This is my story.  About what they didn’t know and what she did.



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