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On the Sixth Day of Random Acts of Kindness


Are you thinking about donating those old eyeglasses that are simply collecting dust in your bathroom drawers?  Those eyeglasses that could be used in an emergency situation if a) you needed to wear multiple pairs at the same time and b) you could navigate down the stairs with them on.  Those eyeglasses you wore in college are probably not your prescription anymore after years of staring at computer screens.  Just speaking from experience and my attempts to save a bit of money.  In a moment of fashionable impulse a couple of years ago, I picked out some really trendy bright pink frames that I’ve worn precisely twice.  They would be super cute on a young teenager, but they are definitely not me.   When I called my eye doctor this morning to make my annual appointment I inquired about bringing in my old eyeglasses for donation.  Of course you can!  My eye doctor cleans them up and gives them to someone with the same prescription who could not otherwise afford them.  Bye Bye Pink and Squints.


On the Second Day of Random Acts of Kindness


Our close friends have essentially ‘adopted’ us into their family.  One can never have too much family.  We appreciate them to the moon and back.  If we could give them the moon we would.  A few years ago we started a new tradition to replace our traditional gift giving extravagance.  A togetherness brunch.  We deck the house with boughs of laughter, watch vintage Christmas movies from the 50’s that confuse the children and consume lots and lots of glorious food made with love.  Everyone is in the kitchen helping, talking, singing or sampling.  This year we sourced many of the ingredients locally.  The most awesome part is when I picked up the popcorn (brunch may have been influenced by A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving) I chatted with the owner, who was working behind the counter, about how ideal it was for us to go over the order at 10 PM via email versus the busier part of the day or it might have been finding my errand running husband at another local business sharing traditions with the owner over coffee.

(I am off to finish the final details of our woodland-themed brunch…)

Popcorn reindeers

Popcorn Reindeer