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My 2014 Triathlon Race Schedule

My 2014 Triathlon Race Schedule

After much thought and some trepidation (ha!), here is my (un) official triathlon race lineup for 2014.  Ah yes, I’ve left some time in transition for a few races of the non-triathlon variety – 5k/10k charity runs, a metric century (sure would be nice), and 1-2 open water nearly drowning swimming miles (around small islands, yachts, whales, you know the usual).

Mucho thanks to Mid-Carolina Multisport (www.midcarolinamultisport.com) for coming up with these focus races for us this year.  Joining a local triathlon club makes everything better, seriously.  At least I’ll go down (literally) in style while my supportive race friends cheer me back up on to my feet!

June 14 – The Three Little Pigs (honestly this race name intrigues me so much that I could not pass it up!)

July 26th – Buckner Mission Man (best race EVER hands down!)

August 2nd – Lake Logan International (what am I thinking here?!? crazy, crazy, crazy and crazy)

August 10th – UNC Wellness Super Sprint (over before I can blink the chlorine saturated pool water out of my eyes!)

A bit of a lighter schedule than originally planned, but I have a few specific goals in mind and I want to be super competitive with myself this year because you know, I still have that lingering Tri bike bet to win this year.  Did you hear that hubby?  I am going to win that bike!  Yay, babe!

One the Eleventh Day of Random Acts of Kindness


Quiet as a mouse in the house (said with a Canadian accent for Nathan & Chloe) on this Christmas Eve morning.

I hitched up my sleigh (aka Honda CRV) at 4:30 AM this morning, so that I could take my friend to the airport for a 6:30 AM flight.  Her sleigh is in Santa’s workshop this week and it wasn’t going to make the flight.  It lost its magic powers.  We met at the barn and my lead reindeer was already awake awaiting carrots & cookies.  That reindeer has way too much energy and I often wonder when it sleeps.  Always good to have an alert forward thinking reindeer 🙂

I navigated the sleigh to the airport with plenty of time to spare.  I saw lots of wandering reindeer.  I think they need a job!  When I arrived back in town, I thought about grabbing breakfast for everyone, but the local grocery with their scrumptious bagels doesn’t open until 7:00 AM.  Clearly it is not yet feeding time.  Now I wait …until the sun comes up to start this awesome day.

On the Fifth Day of Random Acts of Kindness


As I stood in our pantry eating my peanut butter & jelly sandwich and selecting the rest of my lunch, I noticed a can pile up on shelf #2.  We use very few canned goods, but I have a habit of buying them thinking that we will make chili more than once per year.  Our annual chili cook-off with friends occurs… well annually at best.  So I packed up the cans in a box while finishing my sandwich.  My dear husband will appreciate the sudden disappearance of the soup cans.  Tomorrow I will deliver the cans to our local food bank.  I heard that the shelves are really empty this year, so happy pantry clean out lunches everyone!

On the Fourth Day of Random Acts of Kindness


Two young girls meet and instantly become best friends.  Their houses are within walk-out-of-the-door shouting distance.  They attend kindergarten through 6th grade together.  Teachers couldn’t separate them despite their attempts.  They walk to school together while solving first world problems.  Then the unthinkable happens, one of the young girls moves away.  Far away.  It seems to a different planet altogether.  Separated the young girls grow up into teenagers and eventually meet up with each other again briefly with promises to visit more often.  Adulthood takes over and they are now countries apart living the most amazing lives.  Then one day the women are reunited via Facebook cue sharing of pictures and fond childhood memories.

December is national write a friend month.  It’s important to not let childhood memories slip away regardless of  time passed or distances that separate.  I just finished writing a special card for my friend with hopes that she receives it before Christmas.

On the First Day of Random Acts of Kindness


There is a wonderful charity organization in my community called TABLE http://www.tablenc.org/.  TABLE is committed to feeding local elementary school children who are at risk of hunger.  When a stomach is empty, it is really difficult to learn especially for children.  TABLE has 3 main programs.  I have signed up to volunteer for a program called the Weekend Meal Backpack Program which provides weekly emergency food aid (healthy non-perishables, fresh fruits & veggies).  In our community 30% of students receive subsidized ‘free’ meals from their school programs; however, these students often go hungry on weekends and other times of the year when these meals are not available to them.  I’ve committed a few hours each week to TABLE next year.  Several community members and organizations have signed up to volunteer during the holiday season which is awesome, but it is important to remember that these charities exist and need our help throughout the year.

(As a child, I always had plenty to eat, but I felt compelled to share my lunch with a few friends in my school who didn’t bring as much.  We learn compassion naturally at a very young age.)