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Woo-Hoo! It Finally Arrived!


Woo-Hoo! It’s here!!

My 2013 TrySports Triathlon Series (TTS) Award finally arrived today! It’s my first official award in the sport of Triathlon, so I am pretty stoked about it. There are lots of cool gadgets and specialized pockets attached to the bag that I’ll have to research, but I am pretty sure it will transport just about anything.

2013 was the final stand alone year for TTS which is now combined with NCTS. As mentioned in my previous blog posts, I am going to take 2014 to focus on the Tri & road races that Mid-Carolina Multisport Club selected for us.

“Congratulations on being a TTS Award Winner for the 2013 Triathlon Season! Make sure to follow many of your favorite TTS races to their new home in the NCTS. We look forward to seeing you this season!”

TTS Award winner for the 2013 season!

TTS Award winner for the 2013 season!